KRION™ is a new-generation solid surface developed by SYSTEMPOOL,part of the Porcelanosa Group. KRION™ is a material designed for kitchens,bathrooms,interior decoration,restaurants and public spaces… It is offered in a wide range of colors,including a white finish that stands out for its purity and neutrality in comparison with other similar material. It is an ecological material,as it is 100% recyclable.All products made of KRION™ can be reprocessed and reused in the production cycle. Composed of 2/3 natural minerals and 1/3 resins (polyesteroracrylic).Its composition gives KRION™ a number of exclusive features.


• Ultra-white • Resistant to extreme environments
• Seamless • Highly resistant to chemical products
• Fireproof • Easy to clean
• Repairable • Food grade
• Anti-bacterial • Thermo formable
• Manufactured using moulds • Colors
• Ecological • Translucent
• Recyclable • 10-year Guarantee

High purity minerals in a very small size(7microns),thereby achieving a compact and homogeneous throughout its thickness,devoid of pores which gives a high resistance to acids and other aggressive substances and conditions.



KRION™ offers an extremely pure,neutral and brilliant white that stands out from other similar solid surfaces.


Thanks to the KRION™ chemical welding kit,two sheets can be joined together.These joints are made using the same material in liquid form,meaning they are seamless.


Thanks to its composition, KRION™ is a practically fire proof material that does not allow fire to spread.


Thanks to the KRION™ chemical welding kit,we can repair any KRION™ feature and leave it as good as new.


KRION™ is a hypoallergenic,anti-bacterial material,thanks to its completely additive-free composition.Other materials on the market achieve this by adding biocides.Over time,bacteria can becomeimmune to these added chemical biocides.

Manufactured moulds

The exclusive formula of KRION™ and the latest developments in production processes mean that KRION™ can be injected to create complex designs.


KRION™ is an environmentally friendly material with low chemical emissions.Certified as complying with international standards that guarantee its suitability for interior use,even in the most sensitive areas used by children.


KRION™ is an ecological material, as it is 100% recyclable.Any product made of KRION™ can be reprocessed and used again in its production process.

Resistant-to-extreme environments

Because KRION™ has a proven resistance to adverse weather conditions,no porosity,an easy-to-clean surface,and it can be repaired in situ,it is the ideal choice in communal areas subject to continual use,even offering a high resistance to vandalism.


The material’s resistance to chemical attack make it ideal for use in laboratories,professional premises and domestic settings.

Easy to clean

Any severe stain or superficial burn can be removed,immediately returning the surface to its original appearance by following the recommended cleaning instructions.

Food grade

KRION™ meets the requirements of the UNE-ENISO1186 standard,meaning it is food grade.

Thermo formable

With KRION™ we can obtain specific curvatures by applying heat and force for a specific period of time.


KRION™ is available in a total of 83 colors,making it an extremely versatile material.


KRION™ can be used to create backlit spaces,as it is a transparent material.By combining different thicknesses and types of KRIONTM sheets,it is possible to create a wide range of lighting effects.

10-year Guarantee

SYSTEMPOOL offers a limited 10-year guarantee for all of its decorative features in interiors or products made of KRION™ sheets.See the Guarantee for further information.


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